I Am:
25 years old, a college dropout, an ex-English major and Psychology minor, a bad lesbian, awkwardly friendly, subtle like a supernova, damn near impossible to offend, dating a Dr.-Manhattan-Grumpy-Mathematician-Master-Assassin-Vulcan-Elf-Princess, a Gryffindor, a spazz, easily excitable, overprotective, fandom-oriented, probably more stubborn than I should be, a romantic, a geek, a nerd, a dweeb

You Can Call Me:
Kelty, Jude, Jimmy, Special K, Freak, Weirdo, that girl there, or any and all fandom-applicable nicknames that fit my personality, because who am I to deny.

The People You Need to Know
(If You Want to Get to Know Me):

KENDRA (my girlfriend)
EMILY (my best friend)
BLISS (my soulbuddy)
RIOT (my bratty little sister)
CODY (my adopted e-son)
MADDIE (my little princess)

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You write your snide bullshit from a dark room because that’s what the angry do nowadays.

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I’ve been on this site long enough to know what happened to it in 2010 I feel like maester aemon I’m the old fart that knows what a long winter actually feels like from the last time winter came

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The Social Network - Soft Trees Break the Fall (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross)

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inspired by [x] & [x]

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".03%" —

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It’s so cruel because that time Mark said ‘I need you’ when he really meant ‘I need the algorithm that you know’ Eduardo was so ready to say he was here for him and support him and love him

And when Mark actually says ‘I need you’ and means just that Eduardo doesn’t even fucking hear it and why didn’t Mark just say it again why didn’t Eduardo listen why didn’t they just kiss idk idk it’s terrible

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I’ve posted before and I probably will again.  The Social Network trailer alone is one of the finer tibits of cinema that’s been created in the past decade.

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