I Am:
25 years old, a college dropout, an ex-English major and Psychology minor, a bad lesbian, awkwardly friendly, subtle like a supernova, damn near impossible to offend, dating a Dr.-Manhattan-Grumpy-Mathematician-Master-Assassin-Vulcan-Elf-Princess, a Gryffindor, a spazz, easily excitable, overprotective, fandom-oriented, probably more stubborn than I should be, a romantic, a geek, a nerd, a dweeb

You Can Call Me:
Kelty, Jude, Jimmy, Special K, Freak, Weirdo, that girl there, or any and all fandom-applicable nicknames that fit my personality, because who am I to deny.

The People You Need to Know
(If You Want to Get to Know Me):

KENDRA (my girlfriend)
EMILY (my best friend)
BLISS (my soulbuddy)
RIOT (my bratty little sister)
CODY (my adopted e-son)
MADDIE (my little princess)


Before and After Pictures of Animals Growing Up [via]

Previously: Animals Using Other Animals as Pillows

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#prince of asgard #master sorcerer and trickster #god of lies mischief and deceit #was an open fucking book to phil coulson #agent motherfucking coulson had you figured out loki before you even touched down on earth #loki’s petty shit was tired to coulson before they ever even met #you ain’t no special misunderstood pitiful snowflake loki #your shit is dull to the son of coul

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All of Stan Lee’s Marvel film cameos 

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I am Iron Man.

I am Iron Man.

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Script, please stop being so perfect. 

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As long as I live, my feelings for you will never fade.

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